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The Canonbury Society has lost a loyal member,  and a great friend and neighbour in Gavin Menzies. Gavin wrote about why he loved Canonbury in the 2014 edition of our newsletter. Our thoughts are with Gavin’s wife Marcella and his daughters Vanessa and Samantha.

In memory of Gavin, the Canonbury Society has made donations to the Alzheimers Society and Parkinson UK.

A memory of Gavin.



Details of activities during thie Covid-19 restrictions and links to the work carried out by Skanska on behalf of Cadent.


are needed to help maintain this lovely part of Islington. Click here for details during this period of Covid-19 restrictions




We think Canonbury is a wonderful place and some of us have enjoyed living here foryears. It doesn’t mean that we are old fashioned and reactionary. We are keen to embrace innovation and new ideas but we also want to balance that against the need to care for our conservation area. We are proud of the quality of life provided by the large mature trees, the generous and lush gardens, the handsome architecture not to mention the general bonhomie of the residents.

The Canonbury Society was created in 1971 to be a pressure group against inappropriate development. This is true today and our principal aim remains the preservation of the special character of Canonbury and its conservation area. We do this by monitoring planning applications and tree preservation orders and object or support where appropriate,  We also consult with the Council over parking and traffic issues.

On a more social note, we also put on a summer garden party and a christmas drinks party and some of the proceeds are donated to local charities.

We hope you enjoy Canonbury as much as we do and look forward to meeting you in due course.

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